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North Lawndale Youth Journalist Cover Crane Technical High School's Senior Prom

Having A Great time At Crane Technical High Schools 2011Prom
Having A Great time At Crane Technical High Schools 2011Prom
Photo's by Youth Journalist Jakhalia Borner & Talibah Bakhit

Five young high school students at Crane Technical high school through the North Lawndale Community Newspaper's Youth Journalism class sponsored by the McCormick Foundation have collaborated their talents in order to get the good news out about Crane's senior prom. The group of Young Journalist are youth from the Westside of Chicago who feel that it is important to have their voices heard and to help solve the problems of today by giving resolutions to tomorrows youth by speaking up about issues. Each youth has a human interest that they are focusing on through the program based on experience. And by writing about these issues and speaking up about them--they believe that they are able to fix the society in which they live in. Nineth grader Alveta Moore believes that raising awareness about capitalism is important to her community, while 12th grader Ricky Fisher believes that speaking up about homophobia will help other young people to understand what he goes through as a young man who has been treated unfairly because he has chosen a different lifestyle. Nineth grader Natae Reese believes that speaking up about domestic violence will raise an awareness to help young people who are victims of such a behavior to seek help, while Nineth grader Jakhalia Borner just wants to speak up about issues that plague her community based on seeing one of her young friends being killed right before her eyes by police officers.

Prom Queen Jori Hood and Prinicipal Robert Smith
Photo By Youth Journalist Jakhalia Borner

It has been too often that the youth are forced to deal with the issues in their community without having their voices heard, and the North Lawndale Community Newspaper has stepped forward in order to allow for this to be so. This weeks article will focuse on Crane's senior prom as the youth have participated, and in order to spread the good news. It is a very special time for one of the Youth Journalist, 12th grader Robert Williams who has attended the prom because he will be graduating in just a few days. As the youth interviewed each other about the prom, they would like to enlighten the audience in order to allow every young high school student to understand the importance of attending your 12th grade prom.

In an interview with Youth Journalist Robert Williams, colleague Youth Journalist Natae Reese asked Robert Williams what did he think about the prom? Roberts response was: The prom is very important because it's a time where the seniors get together in a nice setting in order to enjoy themselves. Robert feels that the highlight of the prom was being able to get dressed up very nicely and sophisticatedly.

Youth Journalist Alveta Moore, says "Although I am only in the nineth grade, the prom is one of the most important parts of high school, it's because it is the first step into womenhood, it also gives the seniors the opportunity to get together and enjoy themselves for the last time."

Senior and Youth Journalist Ricky

Fisher would have loved to go to the prom but because he has chosen a different lifestyle he was not able to attend the way that he would have liked to, so instead he and

Jakhalia decided to cover the prom at Alhambra by taking pictures and doing interviews. Ricky said that he enjoyed himself anyway.

Jakhalia felt more confortable taking pictures opposed to doing the interviews, however, she believes that after being onset a few more times, she will feel alot more comfortable with the interview process and will then be able to better help out her community through journalism.

According to Principal Robert Smith, this years prom was very special for many different reasons. The group of children that have attended the 2011 prom are the first group of children that he worked with at Crane four years ago as he made his entrance into Crane as a Principal. Mr. Smith said "I had some very good times with this group of kids and I am very proud to see that they are here for their prom enjoying themselves and graduating--this group of kids are very special." Mr. Smith also explained the importance of introducing Crane's youth to different venues and cultures every year during prom time. For the last five years Cantrice Wilson and Ayodeji Griffin have been the prom sponsors and have done a great job with world theme's in order to introduce Crane's student to different cultures. This years cultural twist was Mediterranean Royalty at the Alhambra Palace Restaurant. The palace, the food, and the attire all fit the script as Ms. Wilson and Ms. Griffin does it again for Crane's seniors. As this year comes to an end---Crane's 2012 seniors anxiously anticipate next years prom theme.

The youth and staff of the NLCN Youth Journalism class would like to send a special thanks to Assistant Principal Christopher Robbins for allowing the Youth Journalist of the North Lawndale Community News Journalism Class to cover the prom. And Congrats to Prom Queen Jori Hood and Prom King Kemon Williams and all who were apart of the royal courtship.

For more information about the NLCN Youth Journalism Class please conact Mr. Miles or call Mrs. Talibah Bakhit at 312-490-9292---Or just stop pass room 313 any Wed. or Thurs. at 3:30.

Alhambra Palace Restaurant

is located at: 1240 W. Randolph St. Chicago, IL

For More Information call 312-666-9555

Contributing Youth Journalist: Alveta Moore, Ricky Fisher, Natae Reese, Robert Williams, Jakhalia Borner


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