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North Korea needs Chinese money

Amidst rising concerns about allegations of unusually harsh government policies in North Korea, as Washington, DC and Beijing nevertheless continue to focus Asian watchers on their extravagant Nixon era styled Peking Duck dinners in the Great Hall, one must wonder where the money is coming from to keep Pyongyang powerful. The money appears to be coming from Chinese investments with the United States being caught as usual in a hypocritical vice in dealing with Asian politics. Since the execution of Jang Song Thaek North Korea has continued to court Chinese business partners, reported the International Business Times on Feb. 27, 2014.

North Korean Flag
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And so it appears in spite of the controversy and false appearances on the surface that Washington, DC's China policies, which have sold out the Taiwanese and free Chinese and their friends worldwide, China and North Korea remain powerful political allies. In fact a senior North Korean economic official recently made a secret trip to China with an interest in attracting additional investments. Although China and its neighbor North Korea are political allies, North Korea has made it increasingly difficult for the Chinese to do business in the country. This explains why a senior North Korean economic official recently made a secret trip to China, North Korea's main economic partner, in the hopes of attracting additional investment.

The trip by Kim Ki-sok, chairman of the North Korean State Commission for Economic Development, was the first visit to China by a high-ranking North Korean official ever since the execution of Jang Song-taek on corruption charges last year, reports The Chosun Ilbo. A source has said Kim visited Beijing, Shenzen, Malaysia and Singapore last week. He met with business people who may be interested in investing in North Korea’s special economic zones. Last year North Korea launched a commission in order to develop 14 special economic zones.

This leaves us all wondering not just whose side is China really on in the world of geopolitical power plays, this also leaves us wondering whose side Washington, DC is really on. We must ask if there has been any rational direction to American policies in this critically tense region of the world. Remember, the bloody Korean war in the 1950s ended in a dangerous stalemate due to the support of Chinese troops for the North Koreans. Nevertheless, the American politicians are continuing to wine and dine the Chinese leaders.

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