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North Korea arrests another American

North Korea arrests another American on June 6, 2014
North Korea arrests another American on June 6, 2014

Another American tourist has been detained in North Korea, according to a Fox News report on Friday. The detained tourist allegedly committed an unspecified crime, says North Korea’s official news agency. The agency, the Korean Central News Agency, said authorities are investigating the American person for allegedly committing actions that are said to be inconsistent with the purpose of a tourist’s visit. No details beyond that have been given. The tourist has been in the country since April 29 of this year.

An official with the United States’ State Department made a statement to CBS News saying that the department is aware of reports regarding the detention of an American in North Korea. However, the State Department stated that it does not have any information on the case yet. Once again, the State Department warned against all travel by United States’ citizens to North Korea. It said that the strong recommendation against such travel is due to the risk of arbitrary detention or arrest of Americans.

Two months ago, the North Korean government detained a 24-year-old American. In that case, the person was detained for improper behavior while being processed to enter the country as a tourist. That person has been identified as Miller Matthew Todd. In the identification of the person, it is quite possible that the man’s surname was placed first.

In the Miller Matthew Todd case, it was reported that he entered North Korea on April 10 of this year. He entered with a tourist’s visa. However, he allegedly tore his visa up and shouted that he would like to seek asylum. The brief report on the incident says that he chose the North as a shelter.

In yet another case, Kenneth Bae is being held in North Korea. Bae, who is a Korean-American missionary, has been detained in the country since Nov. 2012. Charged with conducting hostile acts against North Korea, Bae has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in the country. Three months ago, North Korea deported an Australian missionary. That person was detained for having spread Christianity in North Korea. He was sent back to Australia after apologizing for anti-state religious acts and requesting that he be forgiven.