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North Kansas City School District warns parents of attempted abduction.

Students in North Kansas City approached by stranger.
Students in North Kansas City approached by stranger.

On Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, KMBC reported an attempted child abduction in Kansas City North near Chouteau Elementary and Eastgate Middle schools (Field 1). Two children were approached by a stranger near Parvin Road and N. Jackson Ave., and one was grabbed but managed to get loose and run for help.

Police reported that the man sped off in his car and was accompanied by a woman. The car is described as a gold, four-door car (Field 1). “Police said the children described the man as Hispanic with a medium build. They said he had black hair, a mustache and was wearing a green button-down shirt with white stripes” (Field 1).

District officials commended the children for reporting the situation immediately and for using their instincts to run away (Field 1). They also encouraged parents to discuss safety measures with their children while attempting to not feel in fear at all times.

In light of the recent abduction and subsequent murder of Hailey Owens of Springfield, MO, tons of Missouri parents are taking to the Internet to spread the word about Stranger Danger and protecting our young people from tragedy.

Many parents right now are frightened and are leaning toward absolute vigilance in regard to watching over their children—Understandably so. However, incidents do happen where a parent cannot be available to pick up his or her child at every moment: i.e., if he or she were in an accident…

In that kind of situation, parents and kids need to have a small handful of people whom they know they can trust. Each of those people needs to know a 'code word' that the child knows. Do not make it obvious, like a pet's name. Instead, parents and kids need to come up with a ‘code word’ together, and then (as the parent) only share it with the FEW people you know you can trust.

If an adult approaches your child but does not know the 'code word', that is your child's signal to run and find help. That's how my mom handled being a single mom and not always being able to pick us up from school when we were sick or for any other unexpected need.

Ultimately, we do not want our kids to be paranoid, but we definitely want them safe!!

Field, Jeffrey. “NKC School Warns Parents about Possible Abduction Attempt.” February 20, 2014.

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