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North Dakota seeking to fill 20,000 openings

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According to a March 18 article in Business News Today; the state of North Dakota is seeking to fill 20,000 job openings. The job openings, believed to be a direct of result of the State’s oil boom, are in the fields of transportation, field workers, and the food industry.
The article goes on to say that the state plans on partnering with Hess Corp. on an $800,000 ad campaign designed to draw labor to the state.

Should you consider applying or relocating?

The one major advantage to jumping on an opportunity like this one is that North Dakota is an employees’ market. This means that labor is scarce, and companies may be willing to pay a premium for your services. Can you name your price? Not quite, but you will probably paid more in your field than the national average.

The cons are just as pervasive. Michigan is a perfect example of a state that had too much of its success or failure tied to a single industry. If oil goes belly up for a season, what happens to the labor? Business professionals will say that you never take a job in a place where you cannot get a job. In the oil market turns or sours; you are essentially an expatriate.

According to, the unemployment rate in North Dakota was 3.3% in January 2014.

Are you going to apply for a job in North Dakota?

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Source: Business News Today