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North County Yoga Community Comes Together To Support Local Teacher

Local yoga teacher Summer Autio is receiving hope this spring
Local yoga teacher Summer Autio is receiving hope this spring

The North County Yoga and Wellness community is rallying to help local yoga instructor Summer Autio pay her medical bills this spring. Summer was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in 2006. Despite debilitating cancer treatments, Summer continues to teach yoga and inspire yoga students in the community she has served for over 25 years.

Giving Hope to Summer in Spring

Sherry Zak Morris launched the website to raise awareness about Summer and start a spring fundraising campaign just in time for Summer's birthday coming up in April. Sherry owns Yoga Vista located in the heart of downtown Vista where Summer teaches an open levels active Hatha class Monday nights at 6pm.

Sherry is moved to help Summer because "I feel that when you have the capability and the resources to help a person out, then you should."

Summer is like a soul sister to Sherry because they are the same age and have a similar family situation, with one big difference: Summer is battling cancer.

"Anybody in a situation like hers needs and deserves to have hope and to have joy, to have happiness brought into their lives," says Sherry.

Bringing the Community Together

Sherry's unique approach to helping Summer by bringing together multiple yoga studios makes sense given many yoga teachers and students are associated with multiple studios in the area. Summer herself also teaches a weekly class Thursdays at 5:30pm at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas.

Eleven Yoga studios, several businesses and over 30 members of the yoga community are listed as fundraising partners on

"I wanted to prove that the yoga community in North County San Diego, especially where there's almost a yoga studio on every corner, that we can all band together for support of a common cause no matter what our situations and what kind of yoga we teach, that we can help a fellow yoga teacher," explains Sherry.

How to Help

Giving back to a yoga teacher like Summer is a special way of sending gratitude to the yoga community as a whole. There are many ways to help listed on
1. Send Summer a Donation
2. Participate in the "Summer in Spring" drive to collect pennies, nickels and dimes for Summer
3. "Like" on facebook to get the word out!
4. Attend yoga workshops and classes where a portion or all of the proceeds go to Summer

5. Support local businesses and yoga teachers who are participating as fundraising partners

For more information on Summer's Yoga classes, visit her website at


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