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North Country feeling the heat

The heat wave that has struck the East Coast has taken its tole on northern New York communities. The long string of 90+ degree days, coupled with the high humidity has driven many to buy up air conditioners and fans at a rapid rate. 

North Country stores have been seeing A/C units fly off shelves since the beginning of the week. "We sold out of air conditioners pretty much Monday. By noon Tuesday, they were all gone," said Travis J. Kuder, manager of Home Depot in Watertown, in a quote to the Daily Courier and Observer. "I have two fans left out of hundreds we had."

At Sears in Potsdam, sales associate Jadian R. LaFountain said all of the smaller air conditioners suitable for home use were gone. "We sold out of them on the second hot day," she said.

According to the Daily Courier-Observer, the run on air conditioners is typical of North Country consumers, who often don't buy until a heat wave leaves them sticky and irritable.

"We'll get that week or two when everyone wants one. After that, we don't sell anymore," Mr. Kuder said. "I don't even know if I'm going to get anymore."

Luckily for North Country residents, and for those in the surrounding regions suffering from the heat, a little break is expected to come soon. According to the National Weather Service, storms are expected to scatter the region next week, and push the temperatures down into the mid to low 80s. Hopefully, the heat wave will break and residents of the region will catch a cool breeze to finish the summer.


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