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North coast travel growth will step up

On the north coast. SANDAG plans I-5 lanes (blue), rail and crossing work (orange), and coastal enviroment protection and alternative transportation projects (green).
On the north coast. SANDAG plans I-5 lanes (blue), rail and crossing work (orange), and coastal enviroment protection and alternative transportation projects (green).

Traffic tie-ups on the coastal I-5 line, between La Jolla Village Drive and Harbor Drive in OCeanside, that slow travel during typical 700,000 trip days, stay a travel risk SANDAG will start 30 years of transportation system work to fix. Work on the north coast corridor will start after the California Coastal COmmission finishes public hearings, and public comment, during SUmmer, and makes a series of expected approval decisions onthe SANDAG project.

A federal certification by the commission is the first approval needed to guarantee San Diego will not go back to revising plans made in 2010 again.

Local coastal wetlands will get practical protections. OPening up travel lanes on the I-5, two new express lanes each direction, and widening main travel streets, such as turning he Gennessee Avenue overpass into a 10 lane bridge, will keep Caltrans busy doing the main work during the early project years. Lengthening bridge spans at lagoon bridges, San Elijoo to Buena Vista, will end the San DIego growth period nothing was done to protect against steady, long term, degradation of the wetland habitat ecosystem.

SANDAG's plan to shift tarvelers to alternative transportation--buses, walking, and biking--can not handle the growth in trips made by local residents, commuters, and visitors along the 27 mile coastline. Single ride vehicles will build up during population and employment growth. But, SANDAG plans on lowering he traffic load on the main travel lanes. The six lagoons near La Jolla, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Oceanside, and five creeks and rivers, need preservation work the COmmission has not traded off. Travelers who spend their travel time during trips in vehicles other than single ride vehicles will have the alternative travel options that can increase alternative travel trips to 10 to 15 percent, from the current 2 to 3 percent.

Bus rapid transit lines will take in crowds of regular travelers. The 8 plus 4 lanes planend for the I-5, and double tracks on the LOSSAN rail line, will not straighten out slow moving traffic congestion alone. SANDAG will work with Caltrans on a full Smart Growth plan on the north coast.

Widened sidewalks will open up the walking paths that lead to beaches, picnic areas and baot marinas, and the wetlands. A 27 mile long Coastal Bike Trail will help prevent the run ins with blocks on a coastal trip from going from bad to worse.

Transportation options will go up along the long north coastline SANDAG called a "critical lifeline for the San Diego region."

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