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North Carolina family dog locked up in quarantine after being sprayed by skunk

Dog overdue for rabies shot must spend 6 months in quarantine after being sprayed by skunk.
Dog overdue for rabies shot must spend 6 months in quarantine after being sprayed by skunk.
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Michael and April McQueen's family dog, Simon, has been placed in quarantine for the next six months; which means the 11-year-old senior dog must sit in an isolated 4x6 cage with no contact with his family reports

Two days ago, April was walking her dog in their Kernersville neighborhood when Simon obviously came too close to a skunk who swished his tail and sprayed the dog with its very offensive scent. As a precaution, the family took Simon to their local veterinarian for a checkup; that is when life went awry for the entire family.

The dog owners had been three weeks late getting Simon's rabies booster vaccination, and according to North Carolina law and Forsyth County Animal Control, any animal that comes in contact with any animals prone to carry rabies must be quarantined or euthanized if not vaccinated. Rabies can take up to six months to show symptoms.

The McQueens however, contend that Simon never came in bodily contact with the skunk:

He didn’t come in contact with the skunk. He never touched the skunk, the skunk never touched him, he wasn’t bitten, there was no yelp, and there was no scuffle.”

The family plans to appeal the decision, but want to make sure that pet owners check vaccination records so this doesn't happen to them.

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