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North Carolina dog rescue trying to help young boxer shot in front leg

North Carolina dog rescue trying to help young boxer shot in front leg-slide0
A Shelter Friend

At the Bladen County Animal Shelter in southeastern North Carolina, a female boxer named Red curled herself up into a tight ball and would flinch when any human would touch her. Terrified and visibly shaking, she desperately tried to disappear into the corner of her kennel.

A Shelter Friend has stepped forward to help Red get the needed medical help she desperately needs.
A Shelter Friend Facebook

When the shelter manager was finally able to coax Red out of the corner, the manager noticed Red wouldn't put any pressure on her front leg.

Red was immediately sent to the veterinarian for further evaluation, and there it was discovered why this dog is so scared of having any eye contact with humans; Red had been shot in her front leg. X-rays revealed the shrapnel, and the damage is so severe, Red will need to have her leg amputated.

Although the shelter would love the opportunity to see Red through to a happy future, there is no funding available for the expensive procedure. Their only option would have been humane euthanasia.

A Shelter Friend, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in Elizabethtown, consisting of volunteers, however has offered to help Red, but will need the public's help to pay for the dog's medical needs and her rehabilitation.

"A Shelter Friend just cannot assume another medical needs' dog however, we just could not look into those frightened eyes and allow her to die; not after all the pain and betrayal that Red has known in her life. We are forced to ask again for help. Help to keep this frightened but timid girl alive. Help to pay for her medical care. Help to pay for her amputation. Please send donations to our website, or you may call the Elizabethtown Vet hospital directly 910-862-3000."

Please share Red's story with your friends, family, and coworkers. Let's help Red find the help she needs and help this dog to realize there are many kind people in the world.

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