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North Carolina and Immigration

Buzzfeed recently highlighted the story of a Dreamer who left her Congressional Aide position to help her mom who was facing Deportation. The story was highligted by This group and other groups like Dreamers Moms are wanting to help the families and kids mixed in all this drama. A drama that is happening in America because of lack of immigration policies that can address these issues. So what are the position of lawmakers in Raleigh on Immigration?

Check out the story of these people:

You can check out the story of at : . Facebook's Founder and others are behind this group and their desire for the issue to be addressed in America. Will these issues be addressed in Raleigh? Recently I met with two representatives of Dreamers Moms in Little Havana in Miami, Florida. They knocked at my apartment in South Florida to let me know how important it was to them the immigration issue to be addressed. This is another group working around America to bring to the attention of others the importance of addressing Immigration in America.

You can learn more about Dreamers' Moms at : . They are mothers wanting the issue of Immigration to be addressed Nation Wide. So what are the laws in North Carolina regarding dreamers and immigration? What are lawmakers in Raleigh doing?

Learn more about this issue and see its impact in North Carolina.

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