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North Bergen puppy found in box during trash pickup: Note on box 'help me'

Trooper was rescued by the DPW worker moments before the box the pup was sealed in was thrown into the compactor of the truck.
Trooper was rescued by the DPW worker moments before the box the pup was sealed in was thrown into the compactor of the truck.

A disabled puppy, no more than four months old, was found in the nick of time as an alert Department of Sanitation worker in North Bergen felt the weight shift and heard a faint whimper as he picked up a box to toss it into the truck's trash compactor earlier this week reported

The blue-eyed Weimaraner and pit bull mix was found on Wednesday on 80th Street and Fifth Avenue in North Bergen, New Jersey with a note attached that stated, "Please help me, I can't walk."

The worker, totally taken by the defenseless puppy's plight took him home, cared for the adorable little guy, and waited for animal rescue workers to arrive on Friday when he realized the puppy needed intensive medical care.

Michele Shiver, a Bergen County Humane Enforcement officer, is unsure if the puppy can not walk because of an untreated injury or a birth defect. Now named Trooper by his rescuers, the puppy is being examined. According to Friday's update, Trooper's x-rays came back normal, and the adorable puppy's next stop was to be at a neurologist.

Please click here to see Trooper's inspiring video and how desperately this little guy is trying to please. You won't want to miss this.

The puppy is now in the care of the Bergen County Protect and Rescue Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and no kill animal shelter in Bergen County. Updates on Trooper's progress will continue to be posted on the organization's Facebook page.

At this time, no one knows the identity of the owner who tossed Trooper away with the trash, but if identified and found guilty of animal neglect and animal abandonment, faces a $1,000 fine and a maximum six months in jail.

Bergen County Protect and Rescue's ACO Vince Ascolese continues to investigate this heartbreaking animal neglect case. If you would like to help with Trooper's medical bills, please click here for more information.

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