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North beats South 20-19 In Saturday's All-Star Football Game At Wilson Stadium

The North's offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage during the second half to help quarterback Colter West and runningback Skylar McMath gain valuable yards enroute to a one-point victory over the South. West started the game by picking up five yards on a run along the sideline. He was finally tackled by Lance Widener and Tyler Neal of Capitan High School. On fourth down with two yards to go, South's Malik Anderson ran outside from his linebacker position to stop another running play.

With the South's first possession of the ball Widener picked up a first down on a running play. The North's Eric Roble kept Southern quarterback Mason Miller from advancing the ball on a run up the middle. Anderson caught a pass from Miller but he was two yards short of a first down. Santana Zamora of Mountainair High School caught a long pass from Miller at the North's 30 yard line. Miller found his wide receiver Anthony Torres open and hit him with a pass at the five yard line but Torres dropped the ball. Torres tried to kick a 48 yard field goal on fourth down but his kick was blocked.

The North took over and Carlos Herrera of McCurdy High School ran up the middle for good yardage to pickup a first down. Then Herrera was tackled in the backfield by Neal after Herrera caught a pitchout from quarterback West. The North team punted on fourth down and Torres returned the punt to the North's 10 yard line. Hunter Layton caught a swing pass and carried the ball to the four yard line. Quarterback Miller kept the ball and ran it to the two yard line. Then Widener grabbed a pitchout from Miller and ran into the end zone for a touchdown. Torres could not kick the extra point and the first quarter ended with the South leading 6-0.

In the second quarter, North quarterback West completed a pass to the 39 yard line. West dropped back on the next play and threw a pass that was batted in the air by a defensive back. Luckily for West and his teammates, wide receiver Colton Strand caught the batted ball at the 25 yard line. West completed another pass to a receiver but the pass catcher was stopped for no gain by Neal. Then the North was penalized five yards for a procedure penalty. West continued to get good blocking from his offensive linemen as he completed a pass on the left side of the South's defense. The quarterback dropped back out of an I formation and hit McMath with a short pass up the middle. The running back faked to the left and cut back to his right to pick up yardage that left him only two yards short of a first down.

McMath of Fort Sumner High School, carried the ball to the four yard line on the next play. He ran the four yards and into the end zone on the next play. The North's extra point attempt was no good and the game was tied 6-6. Southern running back Widener was stopped on second down for no gain. Then Layton of Macias Valley High School caught a pass from Miller at the 40 yard line. He faked, dodged and out ran Northern defenders for an electrifying 87 yard touchdown run. The successful extra point attempt gave the South a 13-6 lead.

The Northern team took over with 5:23 left in the half. West kept the ball and carried it up the middle for a short gain. Herrera ran for a first down. West dropped back and threw a completion to the 47 yard line. Aguilera caught a pass to pickup more yardage only two yards short of a first down. Then the South's defense flushed West out of the pocket and the quarterback ran for a long gain. Defensive back Eric Derring was called for defensive pass interference on the next play and the South was penalized 15 yards. West completed an 18 yard touchdown reception to Jacob Romero of Springer High School. The quarterback lined up his team and the North attempted a two-point conversion by handing off to McMath who ran into the end zone to give the North a 14-13 lead.

When the South got the ball back Miller hit Anthony Torres on a slant pattern for big yardage. The South was called for a holding penalty on Miller's next running play for no gain. Miller tried to hook up with Torres on a stop and go pattern but the wide receiver couldn't separate himself from the defensive back. On third down and long, Miller kept the ball and ran down the right sideline and the North was called for a 15 yard penalty. Miller stepped up into the pocket to avoid the North's rushing defensive linemen and threw a pass toward a receiver but West intercepted the ball.

Now on offense, West dropped back and was sacked in the pocket by Southern defenders. Then the quarterback threw a screen pass to Tanner Sorrell who picked up six yards. But on the next play West threw an incomplete pass and the half ended with the North leading 14-13. The second half opened with Widener running to the 30 yard line for a Southern first down. Widener grabbed a pitchout from his quarterback and avoided tacklers all the way to the six yard line. But the North stopped the next running play for a loss all the way back to the 19 yard line. Miller tried to connect in the end zone with Torres but the play didn't work. The South tried to kick a field goal but the kick was no good.

The North's offense picked up 14 yards on a McMath running play behind the left side of the offensive line. McMath carried the ball again and zig-zagged his way to the 50 yard line before being tackled by Lyons. West was forced out of the pocket by rushing Southern linemen but he scrambled for a six yard gain down the left sideline. The North picked up an automatic first down as the South was charged with a penalty. On the next play West rolled to the right and threw an incomplete pass with 5:53 left in the third quarter.

Carlos Herrera of McCurdy High School made a brilliant run to the 10 yard line for a first and goal. Then fullback Arias carried to the seven yard line on a dive play into the line. Herrera took a handoff, bounced outside, and cut back inside to the one yard line. West ran into the end zone on a quarterback sneak to give the North a 20-13 lead. Ron Duvargas missed the extra point attempt. It was a seven minute scoring drive made possible by the Northern offensive line's domination of the line of scrimmage.

South's Layton gained five yards carrying the ball to the left side. Malik Anderson, who runs 100 meters in 11.5 seconds, ran to the left for four yards. Then the track and field star ran down the right sideline, avoiding tacklers to the North's 49 yard line. After Anderson picked up three more yards, the Northern defense strung out a running play for no gain and the quarter ended. Miller ran to the North's 16 yard line on an option play out of the I formation at the beginning of the last quarter. Anderson advanced the ball up the middle to the eight yard line. On third down and one, Miller scored a touchdown on a sprint option play up the middle. The South's attempt to kick the extra point was unsuccessful.

The North led 20-19 with 9:21 left in the game. Sorrel ran up the middle for a first down on the North's next play. West connected with a wide receiver for a long gain near the sideline. The Southern defense jumped offside on the next play. But the defenders made up for it by stopping McMath on a running play. Then Layton stormed in from his defensive position to stop the ball carrier for no gain. The Southern offense ran a beautiful reverse handoff with the wide receiver running to the 50 yard line.

Miller ran to the right and out of bounds as he tried to rally his team. The quarterback ran for a first down inside the 40 yard line on a third and two play. Layton caught a pass from Miller and ran to the 30 yard line. On the next play Anderson fumbled the handoff but recovered the ball in the backfield as he was swarmed by Northern defenders. Miller's short pass attempt to Torres was unsuccessful. Miller kept the ball on third down but he came up one yard short of a first down to seal the victory for the North.


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