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North Bay church will equip abolitionists with 3-week 'Godly Justice' seminar

Liberty Church in Fairfield, CA, is presenting a 3-week seminar about human trafficking and how to end it.
Liberty Church in Fairfield, CA, is presenting a 3-week seminar about human trafficking and how to end it.
Liberty Church

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., challenged the faith community in his April 1963 letter from the Birmingham City Jail not to stand “as a tail-light behind other community agencies rather than a headlight leading men to higher levels of justice.”

Liberty Church in Fairfield, CA, agrees with Dr. King and is equipping its church members and local community to combat human trafficking with a three-part slavery abolition seminar starting this weekend. It will be conducted three Sundays in a row from June 1st through June 15th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the CE Room of the church at 2641 N. Texas St.

According to Liberty Church’s Global Missions Pastor Jeanine Harris, “It is the church's role to represent the love of Jesus by caring for the needs of others and in this case the men, women and children who are suffering in human trafficking.”

This seminar is designed to inform before taking action so the response of individuals and the church will be impactful, collaborative, and sustained. Harris explained, “We are taking steps to make a difference by getting equipped with information about the current reality and discovering more about our role as a church and as individuals so that we can take action in joining others in the fight against injustice.”

With 29,800,000 slaves in the world today, everyone has a role to play in ending this human rights travesty and serving those harmed by it. The International Labour Organization recently reported that criminals are generating $150 billion in profits every year through the exploitation of millions adults and children in forced labor.

Harris shared that reaching out on behalf of the vulnerable and captive is the responsibility of “followers of Jesus to love our neighbor.” She continued, “This love takes the form of many different things in this world. One of the ways we can ‘love our neighbor’ is to become aware of the reality of the injustices that are taking place around us and take action to free the oppressed.”

The series will be presented by Red Window Project, a Livermore-based non-profit that provides direct services to survivors of human trafficking and exploitation in the Philippines. Their expertise is equipping survivors for economic self-sufficiency as part of aftercare restoration. Their innovative, effective, and comprehensive model includes career counseling, job training, employment placement services, scholarships, and social enterprise work-study programs.

Entitled “Godly Justice,” the seminar will present “God’s heart for the captive and oppressed,” information about the crisis of human trafficking, and how to help end the plight of the enslaved. For Liberty Church, it is one expression of their mission to “spread the Gospel locally and globally through genuine compassion, radical generosity and bold faith in God's Word.”

Session 1: June 1st
In depth human trafficking crash course: who is enslaving whom to do what—perpetrators and victims. Ending enslavement and serving survivors.

Session 2: June 15th
The demand side of slavery: who is contributing to the economic incentive for perpetrators to traffic others? How are we contributing to this demand?

Session 3: June 22th
Sensitivity and compassion towards the vulnerable, victimized, and survivors of human trafficking. The effects of trauma and appropriate response.

You can register to attend the seminar series here. A $15 fee is the cost to attend—100% of it will be donated to Red Window Project so support its trafficking survivor restoration work.

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