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North and south Waterfront Park construction at ground marks

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The time workers at the 8 acre Waterfront Park construction site work began in 2012 took tons of dirt out of the south and north lots, and put in a south underground parking garage, set up the waterfront property for 2014 work on the park foundations. Last Wednesday, the 15th, cars went in and out of the Ash Street underground parking entrance, while the construction team on the south worked on grooves for underground pipe works. And, north lot workers framed the north side civic fountain foundation.

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County workers on foot took the walkway, up and closed off during construciton months, that runs from the Ash Street sidewalk to the south County Administration Building. Along the line the south fountain ground had been framed off.

Waiting or mortar mix to dry did not leave workers working on a park structure near the main county building any rest. The construction team works on gaining ground on a project set to end in late Spring this year. An entire flat park grounds was not in sight.

Workers got their footing on dirt mounds big digging machines stood out as the main grounds features. Piles of dirt, in hills, filled large spaces on both the north and south lots.

Settling down the grounds park trees will take root on the waterfront is work that will last into February.

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