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North American Property Services confirms why flat organizations climb to top

It's not about the money according to North American Property Services. Flexibility and having a chance for their ideas to be heard by management is the impetus of many Generation Y applicants heading into yet another round of employment interviews.

Those born between 1980 and 2006 are most likely to leave their current employment roles in search of an environment that echoes the trust and respect they experienced growing up. Many learned their values from daycare, hardworking single parents, and classrooms that rewarded everyone for their contribution and effort.

Either due to circumstances or convenience, NA Property Services recognizes this generation was encouraged and trusted on their own. They both make decisions and take on extra responsibilities early in life. Accordingly, they expect it to continue into the work force.

It’s not only Generation Y who declared they want to be "somewhere" they feel appreciated. This company has seen creatives, entrepreneurial types, and part-timers all declare similar sentiments. It may be what makes them curious about an organization who hints at having the answer.

North American Property Services Helps Discover the Answers

Enter the flat organizational structure. Could this structure be what Gen Y is looking for to quiet their restless pursuit of the ideal work environment? Anyone who claims to be creative, hate being told what to do or likes working on teams might be bewitched by the notion of the flat organizational structure.

To some, even the name, "flat organizational structure" congers ideas of comfortable couch clusters, bold colored "conference walls" and large numbers of wipe off markers at the ready. It's worth considering that while flat does not really mean no boss, no manager, or no deadlines; it may be what the forever young at heart is looking for in a work place.

Team Work on No Track

The least you need to know is that you will work on a team. This means soft communication skills are key to getting along. Make no mistake it’s not a free ride. You can still be “voted off the island” though it may be in a more transparent, fair manner compared to traditional hierarchy organizations explains North American Property Services.

Many start-ups could lay claim to being a flat organization simply by default.

Close quarters, timelines, and casual policies facilitate effective and efficient communications between front line workers and management. Everyone shares in successes because everyone feels part of the success.

Grown up Companies and Other Causes

As the company grows the organization must be diligent to maintain a flatter structure. Legal, accounting and the board of director’s all have legal obligation and at some point someone will likely say, “No.”

The collaborative effort associated with a flat organization seems to work well in small non-profits and charity organizations that attract those who are more interested in the greater good than pursuing personal career objectives. When budgets are set and resources finite some would say it's easier to get consensus.

Who’s on First?

In an organization with many projects, the person likely to be the project manager is the one employee with the most passion and interest or the one who is next up on the list for project manager.

In good times the flat approach looks like a no brainer, says North American Property Services. Customers or the market is waiting for what we have, the next big thing. Decide what to do and do it. When a company is starting to breathe financial fumes of last 10,000 on the line of credit it might be harder to keep the creative, transparent team approach.

When Things Go Sideways

What happens when your company’s biggest client goes into receivership and doesn't go forward with the big job you have been counting on for the next quarter? Better yet somehow they have become your competition. These are very real situations and usually where management is brought on to crisis manage. The flat organization quickly becomes pointed.

North American Property Services explains that in the flat organization, front line workers are staying all hours to come up with a way to save the organization. Pulled away from their personal projects whether to deal with the company’s ineptness, the rocky economy or a potential organizational meltdown may not hold the attention of this flat dweller. In fact it may be the time that this ideal employee starts to look around for something "more stable."

Fit for Flat?

Setting up your organization as flat, sort of flat, or pointy is part of the overall business strategy. If a flat organization contributes to the mission, vision, or values of the company, it will likely work to one degree of another. The key is to keep everyone involved in the success and challenges of the business.

Whether applied to the entire organization or a few departments, North American Property Services believes there are efficiencies to be had and money to be saved when adopting a flatter organization structure approach.

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