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North American overlords grant limited access to marijuana for some subjects

Colorado legalizes recreational marijuana use
Colorado legalizes recreational marijuana use

As Barack Obama poises himself to increase drug enforcement spending yet again, to 25.4 billion in 2014, many Americans are focused instead on the now effective legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado. The legislation was finalized earlier in 2013 and went into effect January 1st. While this milestone in the fight for marijuana legalization should be celebrated by all those concerned with personal freedom, it is important to remember the broader context in which this limited victory takes place.

After destroying countless families, ending thousands of lives, and shedding darkness and suffering across the landscape of Colorado by way of the obscenely fraudulent "war on drugs," the state's government now stands to gain over 10 percent of all marijuana profits through taxes. This comes after years of defrauding Colorado citizens out of millions under the excuse of fighting a plant the harmless nature of which the government's own studies have shown clearly for years. This is evidenced by the US government's 2003 purchase of patent # 6630507, which is "the use of cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants." In other words, during every corrupt court case, illegal home invasion, and cold blooded murder committed by police in the name of the war on drugs over the past decade, the US government didn't just know their war on marijuana was fraudulent, but went so far as to purchase patents setting themselves up to profit once this revelation became more widely known.

And after all this corruption and bloodshed, this same government, with audacity befitting medieval overlords, doesn't hesitate to claim their share in the profits from marijuana transactions, profits which are the direct result of the economic freedom this government has previously spent decades and fortunes trying to squander. The dominant/submissive theme of the war on drugs has managed to remain intact in Colorado for those intending to bypass retail stores and produce their own marijuana, with the government granting their subjects the freedom to grow only 6 marijuana plants. Grow a 7th and face up to 6 years in jail, just like the good old days. While progress is indeed being made, the control freaks and sociopaths responsible for the war on drugs in the first place remain firmly in positions of power. This is important to remember as the once seemingly impermeable facade of the drug war begins to show the slightest hints of cracking.