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NORML fails to endorse best candidate for their cause in Florida AG race

The NORML's Political Action Committee (NORML) has chosen to stay out of the Florida Attorney General's race because they have "limited bandwith" according to NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri. The "limited bandwith" statement was an email sent by Mr. Altieri yesterday, July 16, 2014 to Bill Wohlsifer, Libertarian Party of Florida candidate for Attorney General. In one of the most pivotal states and most important positions within the Florida government concerning marijuana prosecutions. , NORML has bowed out rather than do easiest and most ethical thing--endorse and/or contribute to Bill Wohlsifer who is running for the position and was NORML of Florida's 2013 registered lobbyist.

Wohlsifer has perhaps been the most vocal of the candidates running to be Florida's next attorney general to succeed Pam Bondi, for the legalization of marijuana and hemp. As Wohlsifer explains in an email today, "The Attorney General controls the controlled substance list under section 893.035, Florida Statutes! How can NORML ignore this race? I was NORML of Florida’s registered lobbyist in 2013, and I am the only candidate that has written legislation that reached both chambers, two years in a row, in NORML’s name and with the help of NORML’s Florida leadership, to-wit: The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act. I am the only candidate speaking on marijuana law reform, statewide. What more is NORML PAC looking for in a candidate?"

Wohlsifer is behind the Hemp4Water campaign in Florida seeking to help farmers and expand capitalism and Florida's ecology. Wohlsifer is clearly the best suited candidate for NORML to endorse, which costs them nothing, so it is a mystery as to why they have chosen to be so selective in the races around the nation they have chosen to endorse. Wohlsifer has been endorsed by a large number of libertarian organizations, as well as author and political insider Roger Stone, the Epilepsy Foundation, the IJC Law Group, radio show host Burnie Thompson and Michael Minardi who serves on NORML's legal committee. It is still early in the endorsement season, so many more endorsements are on their way.

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