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Norman's Rare Guitars donates Robert Pattinson signed guitar to charity


Robert Pattinson walked into Norman's Rare Guitars in Tarzana, CA, and started playing a new
guitar when spotted by storeowner Norman Harris. Harris, a longtime advocate of The Midnight
Mission, asked Pattinson if the star would be willing to autograph the guitar for the charity.

Pattinson graciously agreed, and even conceded to having a photograph taken with the signed

instrument for authentication.

Robert Pattinson with signed Fender Telecaster
Norman Harris

Fans that have followed Robert Pattinson for any length of time know of the actor’s reluctance to

be photographed or sign autographs. Pattinson’s reputation isn't that of a snob but rather a

professional who’s a little bit shy and timid, and more than just a little bit private. Not only did the

star sign the guitar, the shy persona took a picture with it -- simultaneously verifying its

authenticity while multiplying its value by at least a factor of 10.

Pattinson autographed the Fender guitar back in December 2009 and the charity had briefly listed

it for auction on eBay, but knowing Pattinson was working on a film that would be released

soon, The Midnight Mission waited for the opportune time to place the guitar on Ebay in order to

raise the most money possible. The charity relies solely on private funding and not on

government support to provide the critical and life changing services to LA's homeless.




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