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Norman Reedus interested in 'The Mindy Project' role

Norman Reedus might become Mindy's next hot conquest on "The Mindy Project," so fans of Danny Castellano should be very concerned. Meanwhile Daryl Dixon still hasn't hooked up with any women on "The Walking Dead," so this might be the only way Norman's Nymphos and Dixon's Vixens get to see the star partake in a TV romance.

Norman Reedus might take a break from 'The Walking Dead' drama by starring on 'The Mindy Project'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

During a June 13 interview with Gold Derby, Norman Reedus was informed that Mindy Kaling wants him to star on her show. When the actor was asked if he'd be interested in appearing on "The Mindy Project," he was very open to the idea. "I would love to be on her show," he said. "I saw her on 'Talking Dead,' and she was great." Mindy will be happy to hear this – some fans of "The Walking Dead" were less than impressed with her appearance on the talk show. In fact, she was dubbed the "worst 'Talking Dead' guest ever." What better way to get back at those haters than by scoring a makeout sesh with Daryl Dixon?

If Norman Reedus does come between Mindy and Danny on "The Mindy Project," it will be interesting to see what kind of character Mindy casts him as. Will he be an artistic hipster type, or will he play a rough redneck character like Daryl Dixon? The latter would definitely be more interesting since Mindy hasn't dated a hot hillbilly yet. It's also not hard to imagine Mindy Kaling casting Norman as a sweet outdoorsy guy like "Sex and the City" character Aidan.

Mindy Kaling is definitely the luckiest lady on TV. Her long list of sexy/funny lovers includes Glenn Howerton, Max Greenfield, Anders Holm, Mark Duplass, Tommy Dewey, Ben Feldman, Bill Hader, B. J. Novak, Tim Daly, Timothy Olyphant, Josh Meyers, and Seth Rogen. So Norman Reedus would be in very good company if he signs on to play Mindy's next man.

During his extensive interview, Norman also talked about the possibility of Daryl Dixon finding romance on "The Walking Dead." "I don't want to play him as the type of character that just meets somebody and throws a girl up against a tree and in the moonlight has passionate stuff happening," he said. "I want to play him like he doesn't know what that means." Norman can save the "passionate stuff" for "The Mindy Project."

The actor said that Carol (Melissa McBride) will be the member of the group of survivors that Daryl will be most excited to see, so this could be seen as evidence that she hasn't been turned into cannibal chow. "He's always had a soft spot for her," Reedus said. "And he's always looked after her. I think he recognizes a lot of himself in her. And I think he would do anything to keep her alive and keep her safe." Norman also pointed out that Carol played a big part in making Daryl open up, and the actor sees "Caryl" as kindred spirits because they've both experienced abuse. Unfortunately for "Bethyl" shippers, Norman said that he doesn't see Daryl's relationship with Beth (Emily Kinney) as being romantic in any way.

Norman also had some very nice things to say about Melissa McBride as a person and as an actress, and he talked about how he feels about the absence of Hershel (Scott Wilson). You can check out the entire interview above, and you can sound off on how you feel about Norman Reedus starring in "The Mindy Project" below.

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