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Norman Reedus hangs up bow and arrow for big screen: A 'Walking Dead' vacation?

Norman Reedus leaves the little screen for the bigger one, for just a bit!
AMC The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus is moving on up to a movie role where his trusted bow and arrow will be left behind. Reedus, who has emerged as “The Walking Dead” cast favorite will be joining some big names when filming his first major movie role since joining AMC’s zombie apocalypse series, according to Entertainment Wise on April 1.

Daryl Dixon, which is the role Reedus plays on “The Walking Dead,” is one of those memorable character actors with his claim to fame being the man who says very little while conveying so much.

Now Reedus will shake off the red neck persona to play a role in a movie about a group of corrupt cops who end up being blackmailed by the Russian mob. The plot somehow includes the murder of a rookie cop. The movie's title "Triple Nine" doesn't give much of a hint of things to come, but for sure Reedus fans will be waiting for its release.

“The Walking Dead” archer will join Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet and Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is the star from the movie “12 Years a Slave, in filming this new flick. “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul is also in this movie coming from John Hillcoat.

“The Walking Dead” wrapped up its fourth season this week and Daryl made it this far without a walker bite. The cast is now on hiatus in between seasons, giving Reedus the time to give it a go on the big screen.

When Reedus first showed up on “The Walking Dead,” his role was very unassuming. It didn't take long for his likeability as an actor grew in leaps and bounds as he stood in the shadow of his older brother, Merle Dixon. Reedus became a breakout actor and was soon one of the major stars of the show, if not the most favorite from the series with the fans!

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