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Norman Reedus gives ‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers for season 5

Norman Reedus
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV

Norman Reedus is sharing exclusive spoilers about the next season of “The Walking Dead.” Entertainment Weekly reports on Tuesday that the actor is excited about the upcoming season and feels it will capture the attention of viewers. Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, mentions several clues about the show that fit the rumors surrounding the new episodes.

Reedus reveals that Rick Grimes will continue to be a strong leader, and he will not return to the weaker state that viewers witnessed in the beginning of the previous season. Grimes’ personality changed by the end of the last season, so he will be maintaining the same attitude in the fifth season. Reedus also mentions many of the characters will be clashing for multiple reasons.

Reedus promises viewers that the storylines will move quickly with a great deal of action and drama. This seems to confirm the previous rumors about Grimes and the rest of the characters getting out of the boxcar quickly without dragging out the escape for multiple episodes. Robert Kirkman has shared that fans will find out the true nature of Terminus in the premiere episode.

Despite the clues from Reedus, there are multiple unconfirmed rumors that have continued to grow. One of the most popular rumors claims that Glenn could die next season, but some fans believe Bob may actually be the next victim on “The Walking Dead.” There are also spoilers that seem to indicate the group ends up splitting into smaller sections to hunt for supplies and encounters new dangers.

Father Gabriel may appear in the next season of the show, and many fans believe he will have a connection to the disappearance of Beth. The producers and cast have not confirmed exactly how the Beth storyline will be resolved on “The Walking Dead,” but there have been promises she will not be forgotten. Most rumors focus on Father Gabriel as her kidnapper, yet a few fans have suggested he may be her rescuer.

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