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Norman Reedus gets fooled on April Fools Day

The Walking Dead.

It is now April 2nd and we are all glad to have survived another April Fools Day. I hope everyone is still in good spirits and didn't get pranked too bad. That's more than we can say for poor Norman Reedus. The creators of The Walking Dead comic got him pretty good if you ask me. A tweet was send out to Norman Reedus that read, " In case you missed it, @wwwbigbaldhead We're making your dreams come true." Along with the tweet was a picture of Norman's Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon on the cover of upcoming Walking Dead issue #129.
There are multiple covers feature a Daryl with his cross bow and sexy shaggy hair. Norman Reedus has made it clear that he has always wanted to be apart of The Walking Dead comic. He has even jokingly begged Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, to add him into the book. Kirkman even went as far as making a backdated blog post kinda teasing the Daryl Dixon comic book introduction. But with a closer look you see that the cover is just a reworked version of Dwight from issue #98. Robert Kirkman has went on record saying that he has no plans on adding Daryl to the comics, stating that he likes to keep some things separate, screen and print.
We are sorry Norman. We would all love to see your dream come true one day. Everything needs a little Daryl Dixon in it.

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