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Norman Reedus elaborates: Daryl is not happy about Carol being sent away

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On Feb. 24 Comic Book shares an elaboration of an episode that is being widely talked about still. Before the mid-season finale, Rick sent Carol away from the prison for killing the two that were sick. When Rick told Daryl about it, the scene was sent up so that it should have looked like the conversation wasn't over yet, however, many fans seemed to think that Daryl was in acceptance of the ordeal, when, in reality, Reedus says that he never would be.

Reedus elaborates that the way the scene was written, he was in disbelief that Carol would do such a thing, but then everyone has been brought to doing things that they otherwise wouldn't in normal circumstances. Rick should have known that, but then again he also had a point in sending her away because it could have been anyone next. While the scene was meant to be open ended, Daryl definitely wasn't happy about it and needed time to process what he wanted to say.

Reedus says that there is no doubt that he would ever leave Rick and the group, then the prison was attacked and there wasn't time to finish the conversation. It is now being alluded that if Beth and Daryl ever make it back to the main group, there will likely be word between him and Rick.