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'Normal Barbie' with average woman's proportions hits stores, eventually

We told you last July about a Barbie doll that was designed to look like the average woman, a "Normal Body Barbie" doll.

Lammily Average Body Barbie
Lammily Average Body Barbie
Real Body Barbie

Pittsburgh artist Mickolay Lamm gave Barbie real body proportions and Wednesday he announced that real body Barbie will be for sale - eventually.

The way Barbie's body is now, when scaled up to human size, she would have unhealthy measurements of an 18" waist, 33" hips and a 36" bust. Compared with the average 19-year-old girl's frame of 31" waist, 33" hips and a 32" bust. Lamm took the measurements from the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC).

Lamm launched his own Kickstarter campaign to raise $95,000 to begin production on a doll that has a real woman’s proportions. The line is called Lammily and its tagline is: “Average is beautiful.”

He's got quite a way to go to get to the start of production, so he's asking for people who believe in his project to financially back him up.

If you want to help build a Barbie that resembles a realistic physical appearance of a woman, go to and make a donation.

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