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'Normal Barbie' creator unveils average dolls that won't cause eating disorders

'Normal Barbie' creator Nickolay Lamm unveils doll line to promote healthy body image-slide0
Photo: Nickolay Lamm

Moms who want their daughters to play with a doll that won't cause low self-esteem or eating disorders don't need to look any further.

'Normal Barbie' creator Nickolay Lamm launches doll line to promote healthy body image
Nickolay Lamm

Artist Nickolay Lamm, creator of the much buzzed-about "Normal Barbie," is launching his own doll line that will use real women's measurements as part of an effort to promote a healthy body image.

In an exclusive interview March 5, Nickolay revealed how he came up with the concept for his new Lammily Doll line and his goals for the project.

In 2013, Lamm made international headlines after unveiling a 3-D model of a "normal-weight" Barbie. Lamm used the body type of an average American 19-year-old girl using measurements compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He then created a 3-D model that looked healthier and more realistic than the current super-tall, skeletal model.

Nickolay, a Pittsburgh-based artist, was unprepared for the avalanche of press he received. Media outlets and parents around the world applauded Lamm for creating an attractive doll that did not look anorexic or unrealistic.

I wanted to promote a healthy body image when I created the 'Normal Barbie.' But I had no idea it would garner as much press attention as it did. The popularity of this project showed that people like that kind of body in a doll."

Health experts say if the iconic Barbie doll were a real person, she would be 6-feet-tall, weigh an anemic 100 pounds, and have a 16-inch waist with a 39FF bra size — proportions that simply don't exist in real life.

Lamm wanted to show that dolls using real women's body measurements are beautiful and could have mass appeal. "I simply wanted to prove that fashion dolls could look good if they had average proportions. Average is beautiful," said Nickolay, who has been bombarded with requests for his "Normal Barbie."

"After 'Normal Barbie,' a lot of kids and parents were asking me, 'Where can we get a doll like this? That's why I designed the Lammily Doll."

Nickolay launched the Lammily crowdfunding project to finance his line of normal-weight dolls. To learn more or to contribute to this project, check out

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