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Norm and Ozzy

About a month ago, my Betta fish, Norm passed away. Norm was a handsome Blue Crowntail Betta also known as Siamese fighting fish. His fins were long and curly. I named Norm after my friend Hazel's husband. I never did tell Hazel that my fish and her late husband shared the same name.

Norm lived a solitary life because I was told that Crowntail Bettas are very aggressive toward their species. The only living friend that Norm had was a Marimo moss ball. The Marimo is a spongy velvet-like green algae ball. It is like a little filter that sucks up debris and small amounts of phosphates and ammonia. I'm guessing that Norm and the moss ball got along swimmingly.

Norm wasn't too healthy toward the end of his two year life span. He kept sinking to the bottom of his fish tank. He had to put a lot of energy into swimming to the top of the water to reach his food pellets, and then would quickly sink. It was sad to watch his health decline.

I went to to the Petsmart in Carmel, Indiana located at 14720 Us 31 North. I spoke with the professionals in the fish department. They had some great suggestions for Norm. They suggested an antibiotic medicine that you can put in the water. They were very helpful and knowledgeable. Sadly, even with their help, Norm passed away. I may have waited to long to start the medicine.

It was February, and I wanted to bury Norm. I didn't want to give him the typical swirly decent because he was something that I had taken care of for almost two years. I put him in a plastic blueberry container and placed him on a shelf on the back porch to wait for the big thaw.

A few days later, I found Norm's blueberry coffin on the floor of the back porch. I'm pretty sure that my dog Ozzy had something to do with it because he entered the house that morning smelling a little ripe like he had rolled in something outside. Ozzy and Norm were two of my pets that had never met until that fateful day. I blame myself for not having put Norm in a safer place. Only Ozzy knows what happened that cold February morning.

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