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Norfolk County reports on real estate market


                    (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Norfolk County Register of Deeds William P. O'Donnell reported this week on real estate activity in Norfolk County for the quarter ending June 30, 2009.

Total dollar volume of real estate sales in Norfolk County for the quarter period from April, 2009 through June, 2009 stood at $976 million—a 29% decline from last year.

Lower mortgage interest rates helped to boost mortgage recording activity 49% on a year to year basis with 12,851 new mortgages being recorded in the quarter. Total mortgage value for the quarter stood at just over $14.4 billion, over twice the value reported for the same quarter of 2008.

Norfolk County Register of Deeds William P. O'Donnell says it is important to note that this total mortgage value amount does not necessarily represent the true increase in indebtedness. Some mortgages, he said, may be recorded multiple times against different parcels of land, are refinances, or are recorded to secure equity credit lines.

The Registry of Deeds, located at 649 High Street, Dedham, is the principal office for real property in Norfolk County. The Registry is a resource for homeowners, title examiners, mortgage lenders, and municipalities seeking land record information.

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