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Norelli continues to demean women in her retirement

Norelli still shilling and lying for Democrats to demean women
Norelli still shilling and lying for Democrats to demean women
Photo Courtesy of vnews

Today a pathetic editorial was posted in the Union Leader by retired Democrat House Speaker Terie Norelli. Even though New Hampshire freedom finally sighed in relief with her long overdue retirement, Norelli continues to demean and berate women as not being equal. Ironically in her op-ed she’s speaking about celebrating “Women’s Equality Day” on August 26th which is when women were granted the right to vote. Of course, she neglects to mention that it was Republicans who fought for women to gain the right to vote.

Facts never seem to matter to Democrats like Norelli. She further goes on to talk about the lie that women only earn 77 cents to a man’s dollar. Something that was debunked by the Department of Labor and that has over and over and over again been proven false with study after study. Any woman who actually believes this lie today indeed has some serious issues and maybe should see if they can get some free mental health care from Obamacare. From the editorial:

However, at home and abroad, women still face challenges. For women in the U.S., a more equal future still means securing equal access to quality and affordable health care; equal pay with men, who still earn on average 33 cents more to the dollar than women; personal security and safety from gender-based violence; and full inclusion in public and political life.

Funny thing, if Norelli was really concerned about women having equal access to healthcare she wouldn’t support Obamacare which actually denied women equal access to healthcare in New Hampshire when women lost doctors, hospitals and health insurance plans. Also interesting that Norelli is a huge gun control supporter which hurts women’s ability to protect themselves against gender-based violence. And what in the ever-loving hell is she talking about regarding “full inclusion in public and political life?”

No one is excluding women from public or political life. Granite Staters had to put up with Norelli for something like 20 years. They have to deal with the horrible representation of Senator Shaheen, Representatives Shea-Porter and Kuster who have not only hurt New Hampshire but embarrassed this state as well as the women in it with their horrendous votes against Granite Staters and the country.

Apparently Norelli will continue to shill for the Democrat Party and demean women into thinking they are of lesser value than men. For some reason Democrats seek to make women believe they are not equal; they need government intervention to make them equal and they cannot make it in this world on their own. Democrats whine about the supposed “War on Women” they claim Republicans are waging but party hacks like Norelli make it crystal clear that the only war being waged on women are by those in her party who continue to put women down.

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