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Norcross' Boulevard Diner fills hungry bellies

Huge cakes festoon the place.
Huge cakes festoon the place.

"At first, we were going to be Greek and then it was going to be seafood." said one of the lovely hostesses at the Boulevard Diner. "So, our owner decided to go for everything."

Bustling evening at the Boulevard Diner.
Robert J. Nebel

I'm not sure if that's the entire story. I do know that I've never seen anything like it. This building on Holcomb Bridge Road in Norcross was a Chili's for years. It sat vacant until late 2009 when it was going to be a seafood or Greek restaurant. I received coupons for both, but when I arrived here -- no dice. The place wasn't ready. Finally, I received coupons for the Boulevard Diner and had to try it out.

When I arrived here, I couldn't help but notice that this place had more lights installed than a Vegas casino. For a moment, I thought I caught a glimpse of some celebrities like Giselle Bunchen or Shakira. Again, no dice. I reminded myself that I was in suburbia. I wondered where the slot machines were located. Well, I was close: an ATM is placed right next to the doorway.

The well-dressed, well-manicured hostess was right. Boulevard seems to serve up just about anything --from Greek to American favorites to breakfast items. The big plus here is that you can order it up anytime. I might just check this place out at 5 a.m.!

On this busy Saturday night, our hard-working waitress was more than earning her check as she quickly took our drink orders. Moments later, she arrived with a complimentary plate of spinach pie and other Greek faves.

I appreciated this so much that I ordered the Vegetable Platter which is a Greek combo that includes the Spinach Pie and falafels (sometimes they're out of those treats and replace them with other goodies upon request).

For starters, I went with the Matzoh Ball Soup. As a lover of soups, this one was OK -- I've had much better at delis. Next came a hearty Greek salad.

I wondered if I had any room left for my entree which again, was average with its mild spinach pie, even more salad and grape leaves.

With the massive cakes that festoon the brightly-lit joint, I had to try a massive slice. Somehow something so gorgeous left me so -- how do I put this -- unsatisfied.

The gracious manager, hostess and waitress were all incredibly nice. They even gave my daughter a nice dry hard cookie. Hey, it's the gesture that counts.

Boulevard is a great choice if you're really hungry and you want something a little better than your fast food joint or something different like, your Ruby Tuesdays.

Boulevard Diner

3446 Holcomb Bridge Road

Norcross, Georgia 30092



  • atlfunlver 5 years ago

    Ate at this place (or at least tried) and thought I was going to die. Around 8pm on a Saturday and the had maybe ten customers (warning sign number one) Menu listed Seafood Platter as one of the days dinner specials. The food was slow to come and was salty hard and over cooked - quite possibly the worst meal I have ever been served. Manager did takes it off my check but I was too nauseous to try anything else. Keep driving if you are looking for food in Norcross, this is not the place

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    The restuarant has absolutely wonderful food, service and desserts. I live out of town but, have been to Atlanta twice in a week. I have eaten here four times. The first time I was a group of seven and everyone loved their food so, we came back for dessert! The chocolate cream pie, and the rasberry cheesecake were to "die for". I brought my very picky daughter back and her comment on the greek chicken and rice was, "I have never had chicken that the flavor is in every bite inside and out of the chcken". Although the review above is not the best, I think they have gotten their act together and the critic needs to revisit! Definitely worth stopping by and eating!

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