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"Nora the cat" can play piano "purr-fectly"


It's not every day that you come across a cat that can play the piano, let alone in perfect key and in rhythm.  "Nora," the amazing cat from Philadelphia, has mastered that skill.  She even "teaches" other cats and children how to play, and is an encouraging force in motivating both people and other animals on how to play the piano.

Nora, having gained notoriety for her skills, now gets fan mail from all over the world, after her unique talent was discovered, and reported on UTube.  Nora even had a concerto written just for her, and she played it with perfection, in a performance called "CATcerto."

In addition to her "CATcerto," Nora has 2 books, a blog of her own, calendars, mugs, greeting cards, t-shirts and posters.

All of the above are amazing accomplishments from a 5-year old "shelter cat" from New Jersey.

Please watch this video to see the astounding Nora in action!


  • Daniela Caride 5 years ago

    Nora is s cute! My cats plays the piano, but aren't pros yet. But my husband composes songs to one of my cats, Gaijin! I wrote a story about it here:

    Daniela Caride