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Noosa Yoghurt lightens up breakfast

Noosa Yoghurt
Noosa Yoghurt
Noosa Yoghurt

With summer upon us, our appetites turn to eating lighter, especially when it comes to breakfast. Instead of reaching for carb-laden bagels, toast and English muffins, one of our favorite foods that we reach for this season is Noosa Yoghurt, a delicious whole milk, full-flavor Aussie-style yogurt.

There are three flavors available, including plain, coconut and pineapple (our favorite). Here are some ideas to include whole milk yogurt into your routine.

While there are numerous varieties of Greek yogurt, there is also a growing popularity of international yogurts. Noosa’s Aussie-style yoghurt is one you’ll have to taste to believe and enjoy.

We all know the rage right now is for low fat, fat free and high protein foods like Greek yogurt, but there are many benefits of whole milk. Whole milk has full-fat properties that aid in better absorption of nutrients and also encourages taste satisfaction and satiety.

We love using Noosa Plain Yoghurt in place of other dairy ingredients in place of traditional comfort foods like sour cream to take the flavor to a new level. Noosa Yoghurt is made with milk from happy cows that are not treated with hormones. (They graze outside on-site at Morning Fresh Dairy Farm in Bellvue, Colorado).

When it comes to our favorite pineapple blend, envision a creamy yoghurt made with fresh chunks of pineapple for a tropical flavor. Each container is large enough for two small servings because one is simply (at least for us) not enough!

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