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Nonviolence is still in season

one of 64 separate "energy mandalas" created for Season For Nonviolence
Peace Mandala pdf available from The Assoc. for Global New Thought

We are still within the sixty-four days of the Season for Nonviolence and yet...

And yet. We listen and watch the news about proud peoples having their liberties and choices stripped from them. We are feeling the anger and angst roll over into our own lives, saturating our thoughts with hopelessness and grief.

It is time to reawaken to the energy focuses that were birthed within the Season for Nonviolence by those of strong faith and virtue - people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and, yes, Henry David Thoreau.

Kathleen Geier, President of the East Bay Season for Peace, reminds us where we must place our focus:

"Peace is an individual journey to the heart of ourselves."

She continues in the little pamphlet which contains 64 separate daily affirmations, that even before the movement was created, those we see as our inspiration for the Season had to:

"... discover themselves, and where they kept themselves in “bondage” – through their own thoughts; their own actions…..their journey of discovery called them back to their Sacred Self… the one that knows and sees Spirit in all."

Today - while most of us who pretend to have a "bit of the blarney" in us - celebrate St. Patrick's Day - the more sober of us remember that we are still within the Season for Nonviolence - and today's affirmation is:

"Today I see others in the new light of Understanding and Compassion"

But as Geier pointed out above, it isn't all about seeing others in their true and perfect wholeness - it is seeing oneself in the same light, as well. It is seeing, doing and being compassionate and understanding that really counts. Gandhi is the one it has been attributed to in most instances - but many others have reworded it to fit the circumstances in which they are expressing the same sentiment:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

So - Today - I will endeavor to see Vladimir Putin in this new light. But he will not be standing alone within this light of understanding and compassion - for I also place the hawks and the doves of our own political systems so that they may be bathed in this healing and softening light.

And lest it seem to be too exclusive in its shining - I shall place the leaders of all the nations in this world within the warmth of this energy - and I shall place myself and my loved ones within this space as well - for there is no limit on what Spirit can accomplish.

footnote: The picture posted at the beginning of this article comes from the 64 Peace Mandalas (pdf) that is an available download on The Association for Global New Thought's website.

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