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An easier way to keep your accounting for non-profit organizations
An easier way to keep your accounting for non-profit organizations
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Non-profit organizations must be very careful when it comes to keeping track of funds. Accepting payments and credit cards is not always easy for nonprofits to track and coordinate, but now, data management platform, NonProfitEasy, offers payment processing for its nonprofits, in partnership with Bluefin.

NonProfitEasy is the leading all-in-one data management software platform for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations. . From CRM and database management, to events, donor engagement, and even fundraising, NonProfitEasy offers a one-stop, affordable, integrated software solution to help nonprofits focus on their passion—not their paperwork.

They have just announced their partnership with Bluefin Payment Systems, the leading financial technology provider of secure cloud-based integrated payment solutions for independent software vendors (ISVs), SaaS providers and major U.S. and Canadian merchants through the PayConex payment platform. This exclusive partnership will enable nonprofits to process credit card payments online, expanding NonProfitEasy’s platform to better serve its customers and enhance their bookkeeping methods to boot.

“We started NonProfitEasy to help nonprofits manage their logistics and paperwork,” says Lomesh Shah, founder of NonProfitEasy. “Today, with Bluefin, NonProfitEasy can help our customers more affordably manage and track payment processing.”

Bluefin now provides NonProfitEasy’s customers with seamless, integrated payment processing for donations, ticket sales, merchandise sales, memberships, auctions, and other fundraising activities completed through the cloud-based data management software system.

“Bluefin was already one of the payment processing options for our customers so when we decided to simplify the payment system and go with one provider, Bluefin was a natural choice,” says Lomesh Shah, founder of NonProfitEasy. “We wanted the process to be secure, affordable, and simple to use, so we sought a partner who understood the needs and budget constraints of our nonprofit customers. Bluefin certainly meets that criteria and has delivered an integrated, competitively-priced payment processing feature that offers the highest level of security without sacrificing performance.”

“The nonprofits who have selected NonProfitEasy as their software platform have consistently expressed their great satisfaction with the suite of services provided by NonProfitEasy,” says Shane Harwell, VP of Business Development for Bluefin. “As we have worked with nonprofits, they often convey that the NonProfitEasy donor data management tools are very practical, user-friendly, and priced for the small to mid-sized nonprofit. For Bluefin to now be selected as the exclusive donation processing provider for NonProfitEasy is a natural progression between two companies who are so committed to overall value, donor data security, and stellar customer care.”

Recording all non-profit work should be this easy. If you are involved with non-profit work and are hassled by the amount of time it takes to record financial data, check out NonProfitEasy. Let them do the work for you!

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