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Non-touristy gem in Brussels, Belgium's Grande Place: 'T Kelderke

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Nobody wants to feel like a tourist when eating at a restaurant away from home. Sure, you might want to sample the local delicacies as they're traditionally served, but you want to feel like it's being prepared to past muster with the most finicky of locals. And yet, sometimes you're not in a position to wander far off the beaten track for your dinner.

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Recently, I was in the most famous part of Brussels, La Grande Place, on a weekend, no less! I didn't really plan out dinner, but still lucked into a secret gem in plain view: Restaurant T'Kelderke. Step downstairs into the cellar/casual restaurant for a sexy good time! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

I feel like I was lucky to get in without reservations . . . they are open until midnight on weekends.

Along with bistro type offerings, they offer the traditional Belgian specialties, such as 10 kinds of steamed mussels. They also have "stoemp," which is a hearty meat and potato dish, like their Shepherd's pie. They also do these many ways, including white and black pudding, Flemish beef and onion, beef filet and horse!

There are lots of local beers and French wines, which go down easily in this intimate cellar atmosphere.

I was at the point in the trip where having some light fish appealed to me and their Sole Meuniere hit the spot.

As you'll see in the slideshow, they have these condiments which are either oddly translated or just outrageous slogans. Either way, thumbs up!

Coffee was served with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, perfect to end the night.