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'Non-Stop' creates a no-fly zone lead over 'Son of God' and 'The LEGO Movie'

Neither a sleeper or non-categorical, "The LEGO Movie" has come to dominate theaters within an unsuspecting benchmark: that of leading 2014s domestic box office rankings.

1st place with $28.8 million.
Liam Neeson studs more box office cred to his current action hero status in his latest box office leader.
Universal Pictures

Warner Bros. superhero-based animated flick boasts a heady of list star ensemblage, and its four-week run in nationwide theaters has been more pronouncable in entertainment cycles than 2014s breakout comic book adaptation "I, Frankenstein".

But it's Dark Knight alum Liam Neeson that has the "Non-Stop" ticket to number one openers. So much on that point that his lead in
Universal's action-drama flight scenario overtook his starring role in high ranking "The LEGO Movie". At $28.8 million box office
start, "Non-Stop" took number one over Feb. 28 to March 2.

Right behind it in ticket sales, Fox's "Son of God" was able to earn $25.6 premiere three-day. With star Diogo Morgado ("Revenge", "The Bible"), the biblical drama made a close cluster of the top three films an interesting contest Third place for "The LEGO Movie" came in at $20.8 mil ticket-sales gain.

Action, superhero or New Testament filmmaking may not be surprising operating at the box office's top numbers. Yet even as "Son of God" sets the stage for another upcoming biblical movie in "Noah", the story on a few films rounding up the current top ten is still an industry eye-opener.

At fifteen weeks in theaters, Disney's "Frozen" stays amongst the leading audience inducers at 8th spot accumulating $3.6 million. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are still cruising in "Ride Along". The comedy was a surprise winter hit, and remains at tenth from a $3. million aggregate last weekend. And George Clooney's starring and directorial impetus "The Monuments Men" is a World War II drama that at $4.4 mil retains 5th place.

In the Post-Academy Awards news glare, those nominees and winners are descending below their long-term hold amongst the top ten. For newcomer to the top ranking crown "Non-Stop" it doesn't crack the actor's personal top ten in all time film openers. Neeson's latest only assumes an 11th slate while "The LEGO Movie" claims 2nd; under "The Dark Knight Rises" overall crown.

How "Non-Stop" will fare against new openers over March 8 to March 10. One comprising this year's third comics genre film in the sequel "300: Rise of an Empire" and in the animated movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman".


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