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Non-profit spotlight: Norwich based Haitian Health Foundation

Two months after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, we are still hearing of stories of survival, need and assistance. One of the many organizations providing aid in Haiti is the Norwich based Haitian Health Foundation.

Founded in the 1980s when Connecticut orthodontist Dr. Jeremiah J. Lowney was requested to serve the people of Jeremie, Haiti by Mother Teresa, the Haitian Health Foundation. Even before the earthquake, the Foundation was providing nutrition, clothing, health services such as vaccinations and surgeries, education for new mothers, and other development and sanitation services such as latrines and programs to help improve houses.

The organization also runs a school, L'Ecole St. Pierre for about 500 children. Education in Haiti is not mandatory nor free, but the organization provides tuition, books, and uniforms for more than 1,300 children as well. Since the earthquake, the school has taken on even more students whose schools were destroyed. The organization is working to hire new staff for the school to accommodate the increase in students, providing structure and safety for the students. In addition, the school feeds its students at least one meal a day.

In addition, the Foundation is extremely efficient with 92 cents of every dollar donated going straight to help those in need in Haiti--a very impressive percentage.

To help support the Haitian Health Foundation, visit their site.