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Non-profit Project Save Our Surf come together to clean up Santa Monica beach

Non-profit organization Project Save Our Surf came together today before the beaches filled with happy families, to do what they do best! Save the surf and beaches in Santa Monica.

3 year old Kira Frey joined many Project Save Our Surf volunteers gave up their time early Saturday morning to gather sacks of discarded trash from the beautiful Santa Monica beach.
Christine Peake/peakPRgroup
Trash bags are full!
Christine Peake/peakPRgroup

Led by the energetic award winning actress Tanna Frederick, volunteers of all ages were ready for business, trash bags in hand. Frederick is also the CEO and Co-Founder of the charity which she founded with ex-world champion surfer Shaun Tomson. Dedicated Sydney Shand the charity's president was also on hand and even provided all the volunteers with Honest Ade drinks and donuts. "A little sugar never hurt in the morning to get us all motivated. " He joked. TV personality and presenter Tamara Henry also stopped by before heading of to another charity event for the Santa Monica library, that is dedication! Shut Up And Move fitness and nutrition expert Charlene Ciardiello supported the cause and said it was, "The best work out you can have at the beach! Anything I can do to help make a difference, I am there! This is a terrific organization, I am honored to do my bit."

A few hours of combing the sands provided multiple bags of discarded trash that beach comers leave behind on a regular basis. From shoes, clothing, plastic beach toys left behind by busy Moms, many, many plastic bottle tops and even casually disgusting discarded condoms, you name it, they found it.

CEO/Founder Tanna Frederick is constantly involved in many worth while causes and teaches children to surf at the many charitable camps she supports. "It is heartbreaking when you are teaching a toddler or an Autistic child how to surf and trying to show them the beauty of the ocean, nature and what we have around us, then suddenly a cigarette floats by, I was horrified, I had to get out there and do my bit. Therefore Camp Project Save Our Surf was born, it was a no brainer." She said as she struggled to lift her second bag of trash.

Camp PSOS works to expose underprivileged and inner city youth to the wetlands and wilderness of California. Using fun hands on projects they engage and educate campers on the important environmental issues that are a part of our future. Camp PSOS is administered by Inside the Outdoors, an organization with nearly 40 years of experience empowering students, teachers and communities to connect with the nature. Through storytelling and live animal and science labs, they bring science concepts to life and serve over 125,000 California students each year. This truly is an amazing organization.

The next big day for Project Save Our Surf, President Sydney Shand was excited to share, "On July 10th Project Save Our Surf will be partnering with Buccaneer Board Riders for the second annual Consurfvation Day with Tobinworld. This is our second year providing a special day of surfing for the teens at Tobinworld. This year it will be held at the same location in Santa Monica." He added, "Each year the students at Tobinworld celebrate a fun week of surfing. They watch surf movies, drawl waves, ride a mechanical wave machine and head down to the beach to ride the real waves. Last year they watched the surf movie North Shore, they loved one of the main characters turtle John Philbian, so we asked John to come down to the beach. John is one of PSOS Board members, he was super stoked to come down and help take the kids out surfing and spend the day with them. It was the icing on the cake!"

Another productive and environmentally sound day for Project Save Our Surf. To get involved and learn more about their upcoming camps or simply help clean up your local beach go to:

www.Tobinworld.Org (Inside The Outdoors)

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