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Non-profit helps feed pets in bad economy

Founded in February of 2013, Pet Food Stamps has already received 160,000 applications.
Founded in February of 2013, Pet Food Stamps has already received 160,000 applications.
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Harsh economic times don't just cause people and children to go hungry, but pets, too. Many pet owners would make the choice to feed their beloved dog or cat before themselves, but for poverty-stricken parents, the children come first, and heartbreaking decisions lead to pets dropped off at animal shelters and more often than not, euthanized.

One group took it upon themselves to start Pet Food Stamps; a non-profit organization that excepts applications for food stamps for pets. PFS is not a government program. It is completely funded by donations from businesses and individuals. Qualified recipients are any U.S. resident already on public assistance or living at or below the poverty line. The charity was founded in February, 2013, and according to CBS Evening News, received 160,000 applications this year already.

The program has a list of pet foods they supply for those whose applications are approved so pet owners with animals on a specific diet can check to see if the brand needed is on that list.

Pets aren't "luxury" items. They are part of the family. The attachment pet owners have to their animals is that of a parent to a child. So when jobs are lost in a recession, Fifi and Fido are affected as well.

Because people are generous at heart, the founders of PFS are able to help provide "free monthly home delivery of all necessary food supplies to maintain the health and vitality of their pets."

Having a program such as this alleviates the need for pet parents to make the agonizing decision of abandoning their beloved furry friend(s).

If you'd like to donate to this amazing organization (your contribution is tax deductible), click here.

If you're a pet owner in need and would like to apply for assistance, click here.

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