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Non-native English Speakers Need Basic Job Advice

One of the biggest rumors about the reputation of people in the USA who are non-native English speakers, is that they are hard workers. While this is an excellent reputation to have associated with your work ethic, let me recommend to non-native English speakers to acquaint yourself with basic job search practices that may very well come in handy when needed.

Tip 1 - Locate you local American Job Center. These centers offer career training, funding for basic certificates, assistance for low income job seekers and testing for jobs for mid-level trained career professionals as well. In many cities, services are available in various languages including Spanish, French, German, Arabic and others depending on the location. Find an American Job Center by accessing the site at

Tip 2 - Learn how to complete a generic application. This will help you when applying for jobs online or on paper. If you do not learn how to thoroughly complete an application, you will not be considered for jobs. Click here to access an Online Application or access the site at

Tip 3 - Learn how to complete a resume in a manner that showcases your talent. Many companies will teach resume writing classes. Seek out services at such places as the Urban League, Goodwill Career Solutions Centers, YMCA's, and YWCA's trainings for interested persons to learn how to write a resume classes.

Don't be afraid to share your education, training and community service activities that you participated in while in your native country. Don't be afraid to list your small business endeavors. Showcase your language abilities as it is very marketable as a job-seeker who speaks more than one language.

Google the Workforce Investment Act for your state and locate the various opportunities available for youth, adults, laid-off workers, out of school youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, personal with disabilities and employers.

We hope that this has been beneficial for you. Take a look at this video, Speaking A Foreign Language Most Sought-After Job Skill. Please share with me your biggest challenge with your careers and jobs interest? And if you can't say it, "Let Me Write It For You". Connect with us via mobile app @

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