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Non-floral wedding cake decor

Citrus stacked wedding cake
Citrus stacked wedding cake

The majority of wedding cakes these days are adorned with flowers. Whether the flowers are natural, silk or sugar, it seems cake makers and brides alike are intent on featuring flowers on their wedding cakes. Most commonly the flowers are place randomly on each tier or are arranged to have a cascading effect down the cake. While flowers can add a nice touch to the wedding cake, they are not the only way to make a cake look good enough for a wedding. In fact it has often been my experience that the flowers added to the cake are not always necessary, especially when the cake already incorporates other design elements, flowers can actually take away from the beauty of the cake. In addition, since it has become so popular to feature flowers on the cake, perhaps brides who want stand out from the crowd might like to try other options.

Alternative décor options for wedding cakes include but aren’t limited to: fruit, feathers, ribbon, fondant icing, crystals and pearls. To see a lineup of unique and stylish cakes sans flowers visit Down The Aisle.