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Nomads of Gor - The Free Companion Ceremony

The Outriders of Gor
The Outriders of Gor
The Kassar Wagon People

In our continuing series on The Kassar Wagon People, as written of in “Nomads of Gor” by John Norman, we bring a piece of heritage in the life of the Outriders and their families –the Free Companion Ceremony.

Note – the subject matter is mature.

All were gathered around the central campfire for time together, speaking of the day’s hunting, or the latest visitor to the camp. Brock Jumanya, the camp Elder, was seated contemplatedly next to his Free woman Freya Ashdene. As Brock is prone to do, his face did not reveal his thoughts.

Brock leans his face close to her as the circle goes silent looking on. He taps the sharp tip of the blade to the thick layers of clothing on her body as he spoke. "You, woman, are just...such...a....prize...." he says, his face turning from expressionless into a smile. Lifting her just a bit, he took his quiva and sliced downward, with exacting precision, cutting her clothing off and leaving her standing exposed to the tribe as a nude woman. Then he raised both arms as the men cheered, all knowing what was about to happen.

Freya felt her flesh made public.. she feels at that moment all she had ever thought to do was stay out of a collar…how was it this man she loved ..more than the breath of the plain. How could he be showing her naked? Her gaze of mere pleading turns to a panic.. not knowing what he was going to do. She hears everyone’s laughter and cheering, and yet she is wanting to call out and somehow get away and hide her body.

Brock resheathed his quiva and gripped the woman by her hair, then spins her before the free of the tribe as he lifts his chin with swelling pride. "Look, what a beautiful woman!, young, strong....MINE!" He spoke the last word with more command in his voice than explanation. "Yes, she is fitting for my attentions, I shall claim her as my mate!" He shouted loudly. The gesture and words were met by a roar of cheers and obscene gestures from the men of the tribe, all drunk and making sexual hand gestures mixed with verbal honors. It was an odd mix.

Freya blinked, trying to comprehend the word he had just spoken. The word 'MATE' shoots through her like an arrow. What was this? Her life she felt would be in a collar .. as her flesh exposed to all.. and yet he yells out that she is worthy to be mated. She looks around and the smiles make her panic even more. She wanted to do something, but she is more like a doll made of rep cloth than a match for anything he wished. She tries to close her eyes as not to see the stares of everyone around her.

Brock sees the little young woman’s reaction and leans back in heavy laughter. He takes her in his arms and tosses her up on his shoulder. "Seems she is soo honored and pleased she wishes to remain silent...obviously unable to form the words to express her happiness!" The rest of the men laughed, the few other elders laughed the hardest knowing the woman's reaction well from the claiming of their own mates long ago. Brock strode around the fire a couple of times so all could see his woman and life mate on his shoulder...claimed by him. "From this day forth the woman here...know to some as Freya..." he pauses as he realized it was the first time since he knew her, that he used her real name, "shall be known to you and all of Gor as the free mate and life mate of your elder, of Brock of the first wagon!"

Brock walked off after a few minutes of parading around publicly, still carrying the naked crying woman to his wagon. "AND SO THE BOND AND CLAIM WILL BE SEALED! HARAH!!!! HARAHHH!!" He shouted to the entire world.

The men began to cheer again, banging their swords against their shields. The women all smiled approvingly. This important moment in the life of the Wagon People had been shared, and would be told in stories around the fire for years to come.

The Kassar Blood People are seeking roleplayers that take their game seriously. If you feel this is what you have been looking for, contact Brock Jumanya for information on joining the Kassar Wagon People.

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