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Nom Nom Paleo: Great apps for healthy eating

Paleo and Primal lifestyles are becoming more than a fad. These diets include high protein and veggie intake, and no grain/gluten intake. One of the interesting things about these diets, is that they have incredible online communities. The 'Godfather' of Primal, Mark Sisson has created a website called Mark's Daily Apple that serves as an online venue for fellow primal beings to ask questions, share recipes, success stories, etc. Mark's post offer up recipes, stories and even workout plans that fit into the primal 'lifestyle.'

Another favorite is Nom Nom Paleo, Michele Tam's blog about being Paleo, a mother and traveling the world. Her blog and cookbook are fantastic guides to some people (me), and serve as great tools. She also has an app that is great for looking up dinner ideas on the go, and while you are at the grocery store.

These are just two of the MANY primal and paleo resources out there. Some take it even further, by offering online seminars or retreats about primal eating. PaleoHacks is a great example of this, it serves sort of like an online forum for questions and answers about paleo eating.

And of course, there are thousands of smaller bloggers out there with great ideas and recipes for healthy eating.

Whatever diet, exercise regimen, or whatever else you follow, changes are there is a thriving online community out there that can put you in touch with experts and others who are trying it out as well.

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