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'Nom Nom Paleo' diet cookbook earns kudos from kids and cavewomen

Yum! It's nom nom.
Yum! It's nom nom.
Michelle Tam

The increasingly popular Paleo diet has become a lifestyle for many. And although not everyone approves of it 100 percent, it has won kudos for its focus on eliminating processed food products while emphasizing natural foods. Now a husband and wife team have put together a Paleo cookbook for the whole family: "Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans" (click for details).

Henry Fong and his wife Michelle Tam told the Ledger in a recent interview about how they traveled their Paleo path.

“It’s not about precisely replicating a prehistoric diet,” said Henry. "We’re trying to focus on naturally occurring ingredients that are whole, real and nutrient dense.”

Michelle became a believer when Henry lost weight and had more energy. When she cut out grains, as required on the Paleo diet, her bloating and tummy trouble vanished.

The duo have two little children, so creating family-friendly, Paleo-approved recipes became a priority. Their cookbook emphasizes what they call "green light" Paleo foods:

• Grass-fed and grass-finished beef, lamb, goat and wild game
• Pastured pork, chicken and eggs
• Wild-caught sustainable seafood
• Pesticide-free veggies in season
• Fermented foods, including sauerkraut and kombucha
• For cooking oils endered animal fats, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and ghee (clarified butter from grass-fed cows)

In contrast, they recommend limiting your intake of "yellow light" foods:

• Fruit
• Nuts and seeds
• Starches
• Dairy (with the exception of ghee)
• Natural sweeteners, such as maple syrup or raw honey

Altogether, you get more than 100 fool-proof Paleo and gluten-free recipes, and over 900 step-by-step photographs and cartoons. Whether you're seeking exotic foods like Walnut Prawns or comfort foods like Chicken Nuggets, you'll get what you need in this delightful cookbook. Order "Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans" now by clicking here.

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