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Nokia smart car technology investment focuses on cars of the future

Nokia announces plans for $100 million investment in smart car technology.
Nokia announces plans for $100 million investment in smart car technology.
J-P Kärnä/Wikimedia Technology.

Nokia is now looking at smart car technology for its next big project. The company has jumped out of the mobile phone business, and it is not looking at making the cars we drive smarter and more high-tech. Cars in the future might take the work out of that drive around town. On May 5, cNet reported on Nokia's plans to make a huge investment into the development of smart cars.

How much does Nokia plan to invest in this area? An investment of $100 million dollars is planned by the company. Nokia joins Google and others that are looking to revolutionize the car and make technology much more involved in the driving experience. The future might actually see cars that drive themselves and allow communication between cars. This would just be the beginning.

Cars are definitely changing each and every day. The cars on the road now are much different than the cars our parents drove when we were growing up. Computers are now a part of cars and how they operate. By 2018, even more changes will become standard in cars. This includes the rear view camera that will allow you to see what is happening behind your car by looking at your dash and not looking behind.

Nokia Growth Partners is the division of Nokia behind this huge investment, and Nokia CEO, Rajeev Suri, admitted that the division of Nokia has been forming well for the company. Nokia has seen problems with its mobile phone division in recent years, but the company has sold off that part of the company to Microsoft.

These innovations in cars are still years away from becoming a reality, but the work is now being done to bring these ideas to life. One day, you could walk into a car dealership and leave with a car that will do all the work for you. Do you want to have a car that you won't even have to drive yourself? What do you think of the new technological improvements in the cars on the road again? Are these improvements making cars better or worse?