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Nokia Lumia 1020 to hit end of life status this October

Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1020
Karlis Dambrans - Wikimedia Commons

While the Windows Phone platform hasn’t set the smartphone world on fire since its introduction back in 2010, there have been some devices that use the platform that really stand out, one of those devices being the Nokia Lumia 1020. The monster phone with a huge 41-megapixel camera strapped to the back took the smartphone world by storm in 2013, but a leak from @evleaks on July 15 has suggested that the Lumia 1020 will hit EOL (end of life) just one year after being released.

EOL or End-Of-Life is a fairly common term in the smartphone world, and when a phone has been designated as EOL it simply means that the phone will no longer be manufactured and sold. It is important to note that EOL doesn't mean that the device will stop receiving updates from the manufacturer or the carriers though. A device generally gets labelled as EOL when sales don’t justify keeping the device around, or if there is a new device to replace it.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is without doubt one of the best Windows Phone devices ever released, and it is still the most powerful camera phone on the market today, so it’s a little strange that Nokia and Microsoft have pulled the plug on the smartphone. The 41-megapixel camera on the Lumia 1020 enabled users to shoot DSLR quality photos on the fly, and no other smartphone has been able to touch the picture quality of the 1020 to date, so one has to believe that both Nokia and Microsoft have a replacement up their sleeves.

Nokia have been busy releasing new devices lately with the latest being the Nokia Lumia 930. While no new Windows Phone devices that specify a large camera sensor have passed through the FCC yet, the impending release of the highly anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 software update (which features the Cortana personal assistant technology), this fall means that a slew of new Windows Phone devices will hit the market, and one of them could possibly be a successor to the Lumia 1020. The rumor from @evleaks originally stated that the 1020 would hit End-of-Life status in September, but further information from those in the know suggest that the date will be October 15 2014.