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Noitavonne at altitude or on terra firma, brilliant!

Gulfstream Aerospace

Upstart technology company Noitavonne is quite busy these days; lauded at CES for innovation design and engineering, founder Lael Alexander focuses on all types of mobile devices and the technologies that support his mobile and work consoles, POS terminals and now appliances. Over the past year, Lael and his Noitavonne™ US Design Firm team connected with original equipment manufacturer, Siecom™ of China creating NoitSiecom. Together Siecom falls in line with Lael’s mission in the manufacturing of Noitavonne mobile devices. Together they are developing mobile connectivity platforms that improve efficiency for customers in the global market. What this means for the private aviation market, is improved personal mobile devices that can be utilized in entertainment and communications.

Aerial G550

This technology is ideal for the following industries to provide a safe and secure telephony system.

  • Aviation - Business & Commercial
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Cross Border countries – Canada & Mexico
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Educational Institutions
  • Energy Critical Infrastructure
  • Executive
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government and Defense
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • International destination operational security in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and beyond.
  • Maritime
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Residential Estates
  • Shopping Centers / Malls
  • Strike Security and Labor Unrest Technology

These systems are ideal for business jet fleets; from aviation security, to Las Vegas Casinos, to all branches of the US Military where operational security is needed. Since they manufacture products and they have created the technology, the security aspect means, made for your specific environment of use or AO. This translates into an ideal secure platform for business of all sizes, secure mobile platforms for celebrities, politicians, and political campaigns, technology companies, defense company’s, the White House internal systems, Secret Service and many more.

These Noitavonne phones and tablet computing systems are ideal for operational security applications. According to Lael, “A smart phone companion loop is presented as a phone companion solution that extends the use of a mobile device to the loop tablet or compatible computing device by pairing functionality of both devices. The Loop tablet operates as a stand-alone or parallel device, allowing users to operate applications and functionality from either of the paired devices. The Loop tablet allows users to view smartphone applications on a larger screen setting wirelessly. Loop connectivity is the seamless integration of one or more paired mobile devices that communicate wirelessly and share total functionality when tethered or synced with bidirectional control and interface between looped devices with functional commands from both devices. Tablet and cell phone will be “paired” for security reasons. It may be possible to pair a tablet or computing device with multiple registered phones that operate under a standard or custom operating system. A Review about the Loop Tablet declares, “Noitavonne™ brings market first connectivity tools.””

In today's complex world, security management and protection requires the highest level of competence; access, and deployment of, the latest technologies such as Noitavonne mobile phone and tablet systems.

Business class jets owners and brokers would benefit with Noitavonne’s closed loop system. We tested some of Noitavonne’s mobile devices in the skies over the southwest United States at altitude. We were able to link up with the Wi-Fi inflight broadband Internet system and Voila! “Houston, we have Noitavonne.” The Noitavonne Joystick, phones and tablet’s were perfectly compatible in Citation Xs, Gulfstream’s G450, and the Lear 75.

The more recent EGO series joystick boasts a 64GB drive was able to connect through Bluetooth and use the windows 8 laptop and with voice controls. While the joystick, it does provide a unique experience, and probably has a younger target audience; the Aston Martin phone was one of many favorites. Noitavonne designed a very sexy android phone for the carmaker Aston Martin, however, Noitavonne devices work well in private aircraft too.

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