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Noisey Chats with Shaun White, The Band Bad Things and More

 Shaun White and Bad Things
Shaun White and Bad Things

Did you know that two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White counts music as among his other accomplishments?

Noisey recently sat down with Shaun White and his band Bad Things for an interview titled "Shaun White's Band Really, Really Doesn't Want to Be Known as 'Shaun White's Band Bad Things.'"

In the interview, Noisey hears why the up-and-comers turned down The Tonight Show...twice, and what it's like living as today's best-known redhead.

Shaun White, the bazillion-time medalist for snowboarding and skateboarding and surfing and drinking Mountain Dew, has lived a life consumer by fame since he was six years old. On a recent Friday morning in the lobby of the Bowery Hotel, Noisey sat down with White and his band Bad Things to talk about the next venture of the Olympian's career and what it's like being ogled by girls on the reg.

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