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Noise is it zapping your happiness, you are what you listen to

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You need to realize what noise is doing to you. It’s very difficult for your brain to devote resources to the mind when negative noise, extra external noise and internal negative noise is blaring at you.

Decreasing your daily noise by just 5-percent can increase your happiness. You can’t focus on the present when the extra baggage of noise is occupying your space. There is only room for so much energy. You need not only to be responsible for the noise coming and going internally in your thoughts but the noise you allow into your space is deafening and it boggles and distracts the mind.

You are what you listen to

The still small voice does not shout at you. While you are controlling your noise level by decreasing the extra volume and the multiple voices around you. It drags you down, it zaps your energy current. To be happy is to increase your height of awareness, you level of instinct.

There is a way to be sane

It takes a little time to create a gap between the witness and the mind. The moment you judge, or grump you ruin the alchemy. That gap of silence is the first glimpse of becoming a sane, unconditioned and free human being. And it feels good. Everywhere is fun. You see the birds are not serious, the trees are not serious, the rivers and oceans are wild, and it is because you are happy in joy.

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