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Nogales drug tunnel: Massive tunnel past U.S. border, 481 ft. long marks record

The Nogales drug tunnel has yielded the most massive passageway used for illegal drug transportation this week, with the newly found tunnel breaking records at an incredible 481 feet long. Although Nogales has long been a major hub for Mexico-U.S. drug channels, U.S. border officials have confirmed that among the 100 other tunnels found in the city since early 1990, this latest one is the largest yet. WTSP News confirms this Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say that the tunnel was used to smuggle marijuana and other drugs from Nogales, Sonora, to a nearby residence in Arizona.

Massive drug tunnel underground near US border
Twitter Photo File, ABC 15

The Nogales drug tunnel has a history of been an epicenter of the drug trade, where more illegal trafficking activity is believed to occur there near the Mexico and U.S. lines than anywhere else along the 2,000 mile-wide country border. And at 481 feet long, this new massive tunnel discovery is proving that even with the dozens of other passageways found by Border Patrol officials and subsequently shut down, there are still avenues that drug smugglers are taking to bring drugs illegally into America.

As provided by an ICE authority statement, the small tunnel passes from Nogales, Sonora, to a small house set in Nogales, Arizona. The channel at the time of its discovery was being used to transport marijuana and heroin from Mexico into the U.S. nation. Federal authorities also noted that they recovered a half pound of heroin and over 45 pounds of marijuana inside the tunnel itself.

According to the press release on this Nogales drug tunnel bust, an additional 590 pounds of weed were also found after U.S. Border Patrol agents successfully cornered a runaway vehicle that was being driven away from the tunnel’s departure residence in Arizona this Monday. The 22-year-old driver of the truck, a U.S. citizen by the name of Jesus Alberto Ramirez Valencia, as well as two other known suspects, have been taken into police custody on charges of drug conspiracy.

Ever since its initial discovery, the Nogales house has been under close official surveillance by the U.S. task force created to locate and then put an end to drug tunnel trafficking. And at a full 481 feet, this latest record-breaking channel might have been the biggest find of all.

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